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 1. Senior Trainer/Trainer (2 Positions)
 -Bachelors/Masters Degree in Business Administration or related fields (for example Strategic Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Economics, etc.)
 -Good understand of concept of Balanced Scorecard
 -3 years experience in strategic management, business modeling or related fields.
 -Logical, analytical, positive and team working people are required
 -Good command of English
 2. Social Responsibility Specialist (3 Positions)
 -Bachelors/Masters Degree in Environmental Science or related fields
 -3-5 years experience in social responsibility or Organization Development, ISO 9000, 14000 and 18000
 3. SR Technical Support (2 Positions)
 -Masters Degree in Science in Environmental, Occupation Health, Safety or related fields
 -At least 1 year prior experience
 -Able to write report effectively
 -Able to be a good speaker
 -Experience in ISO 9000, 14000, 18000 will be an advantage
 -Have potential to develop to be Consultant or Auditor
 4. System Development Consultant (֡Ҵҹкҹ) (2 Positions)
 -Masters Degree in Agriculture/Fishery/Forestry
 -At least 2 years in GAP or Organic Agriculture
 -Experience of evaluating agricultural plot and giving consultation is a plus
 -Knowledge of GAP and Organic Agriculture
 -Able to be a speaker and consultant
 5. Business Development Officer (˹ҷѲкҹ) (2 Positions)
 -Masters Degree in Agriculture
 -At least 1 year relevant experience
 -Knowledge of GAP and Organic Agriculture
 6. Lead Auditor/Auditor (5 Positions)
 -Environmental Management System Auditor: Bachelors Degree or Masters Degree of Environmental Science or related fields
 -Mechanical/Industrial Engineering Auditor: Bachelors Degree or Masters Degree of Mechanical/Industrial Engineering or related fields
 -Electronic Engineering Auditor: Bachelors Degree or Masters Degree of Electronic Engineering or related fields
 -At least 4 years of relevant industrial factory and 2 years of experience of quality management system
 -Obtained auditor training certificate is a plus
 7. Web Developer (1 Position)
 -Bachelors Degree of Computer Science, Graphic Design or other relate fields
 -Minimum 3 years experience of web development and management, web site maintenance and graphic design
 8. Executive Secretary (1 Position)
 -Bachelors Degree or higher in secretarial, Business Administration or related fields
 -At least 3 years experience in secretarial
 -Good command of English
 9. Human Resource Officer (1 Position)
 -Bachelors or Masters Degree in Human Resources or related fields
 -At least 4 years experience in human resources functions
 -Experience in organization and human resource development system such as competency base management, balanced scorecard, talent management etc.
 10. Speaker (Էҡ) (1 Position)
 -Masters Degree in Engineering, Science or related field
 -At least 4 years working experience in Industrial Section and Quality System
 -Able to be a Speaker
 -Good command of English  
 Please write in with detailed resume outline, qualifications, achievements and a recent photograph to: Management System Certification Institute (Thailand) 1025, 11th Floor, Yakult Building, Phaholyothin Road, Samsen-Nai, Phayathai, Bangkok Tel.0-2617-1727 Ext. 502, 555 E-mail: hrm@masci.or.th
 ἹѾҡúؤ ʶҺѹѺͧҵðҹ Ţ 1025 ҤҤŷ 11 ¸Թ        ا෾ҹ    10400  
 Ѿ : 0-2617-1728, 0-2617-1723-36 105  

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